A Celebration of Short Film for Everyone 

On 21 December – the shortest day of the year – short films can be watched everywhere in Germany. Forest glades, market places and backyards turn into open-air cinemas, window displays and house walls turn into projection screens. Film theatres, from municipal to multiplex cinemas, public institutions, associations, companies and private persons organise their own film events. 

In museums, living rooms and cinemas - on the shortest day of the year, short films are beeing screened everywhere.

Once a year, the AG Kurzfilm issues a nationwide call to organise one's own short film event. The association encourages cooperations between film festivals and public institutions, supports distributors with the presentation of their programmes and offers advice with the organisation of screenings.

In 2019, the SHORT FILM DAY was celebrated with more than 380 short film events in more than 150 different towns and cities in Germany. Whether supporting films, self-curated short film programmes, moderated film premieres or children's programmes with cookie baking - the organiser's fantasy is limitless.

Aims & Partners

The SHORT FILM DAY 's overall aim is to present short films in all their variations to as wide an audience as possible. Thus, short film as an art form becomes an experience in society as a whole. This is made possible with strong supportive partners. As proponents they are indispensable for building a short film plattform. In the long run, the SHORT FILM DAY is supposed to be established as a constant in the German and international cultural calendar.

You can find all information on the current SHORT FILM DAY here (website in German): www.kurzfilmtag.com